About Us

The Council is a complex network of linked departments and divisions, each with their own specific responsibilities.

This is an overview, designed to give you an idea of just how diverse we are as an employer. 

Chief Executive & Corporate Resources 

While everyone else within the Council is focused on the external community, we concentrate mainly on the internal needs of the Council. That means things like the IT system, HR, legal matters, property and budgets (the finance division is particularly important within a council, where making the best use of limited resources is essential). We are also responsible for some direct services to residents. 

We organise elections, collect council tax and pay housing benefit. In addition, this is also the base from where we promote equality and inclusiveness, help councillors and managers make strong, effective decisions and build partnerships with other council departments, agencies and the community. 

Children, Adults and Health 

This department brings all the 'people' areas of our work together and incorporates the new public health responsibilities that transferred to the local authority in April 2013. 

Children services cover all those in the area aged 0-19, young people aged 20 and over who are leaving care and young people up to the age of 25 with learning difficulties. The department's plan addresses the priority needs of all those who are growing up in South Gloucestershire, but shows a focus on the needs of those vulnerable to underachievement for whom preventative approaches are a priority and those with complex needs, who require more specialist services. 

The core task of the work with adults in the community has been to support the independence and well-being of older people and vulnerable people within South Gloucestershire and the provision of generic housing services to the community. 

Environment and Community Services 

There are five main themes to this Department. 

The first is about strengthening and developing communities and promoting community identity. This is undertaken through Community Sport and Active Lifestyles, Libraries, Arts Development, Community Learning, Community Development and Economic Development. 

The second theme is Street Care. This includes Community Spaces (parks, playing fields, allotments, cemeteries, trees, flower displays), Street Cleansing and Highway Maintenance. 

The third theme is Environmental Services which ensures a clean, safe and healthy environment. This involves Animal Health and Welfare, Environmental Protection, Food Safety, Health and Safety, Health Promotion, Licensing, Trading Standards, Rubbish Waste and Recycling. 

Need planning permission? This is where you’d come. From promoting public access to the countryside, to protecting areas of archaeological importance to landscape design, we aim to provide an efficient, customer focused planning, transportation, highway maintenance, building control and environment and conservation service. 

We carry out services on behalf of other council departments, directly to the public or to external organisations. Our staff are responsible for keeping the highways, buildings and open spaces of South Gloucestershire well maintained, clean and tidy. They are also involved with making sure that for the young, elderly or disabled residents of South Gloucestershire, their journey to school or their local day centre is enjoyable and in vehicles that are safe and well maintained. 

This is how the department works towards reducing disadvantage, providing a cleaner, safer and greener environment, and creating healthier communities. For many of these services we’re also on hand out of hours to make sure that we’re responding to emergencies as and when they arise.